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    Blocked Stormwater and Pipes Blocked Drains can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare but with us looking after your home drainage, you can relax. By using the state of the art and the latest advances in drain clearing technology such as the water jetter and the CCTV drain camera.

    The main causes of a blocked drain – either storm water or sewer are:

    • Tree roots, get into your pipes and grow inside until they completely block the pipe.
    • Debris in the pipe such as silt and building materials.
    • Faults in the sewer line.
    • Grease and fat can build up plugging the sewer pipes

    Clearing your blocked drain

    Blocked Drains can be cleared in several ways, not all methods are suitable for your drain but once on site the plumber can assess the right method for you.

    1. High strength drain acid
    2. Plunging the toilet/sink
    3. RootX – foaming root inhibitor
    4. Bioclean – an environmentally friendly preventive drain cleaning agent.
    5. Water jet drain cleaner

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    Blocked Drains in Chiswick

    This had definitely not been a good week. Melissa stood in her doorway, fingers hooked into the dog’s collar. There was no doubt in her mind what the liquid bubbling over her pavers was. She felt like she was going to be sick. The dog pulled again, desperately wanting to investigate, but Melissa pulled him back and shut the glass sliding door. The kids had just been dropped off at school, but this was her only day off and Melissa had been hoping to get through her to-do list. Unfortunately, that didn’t look like it was going to happen.

    She jumped online and looked up a local Plumber in Chiswick, and was in luck! The Plumber was able to get there quickly after his current job. The Chiswick Plumber took one look at the problem and told Melissa her sewer was blocked, causing it to surcharge over her backyard. He began setting up his jetter before running it through the grate opening. The blockage gave way quite easily, but there was another one behind it. Tree roots, he informed his anxious customer. They were getting into the pipe and blocking it off. He kept working for a solid hour, working the jetter down through the blockages, before hauling it back and running a camera down the line to check the pipe. The Chiswick Plumber showed Melissa the small cracks where the tree roots were getting in. Now that she knew what had caused the problem, Melissa wasn’t too concerned. She would bring it up with her husband that night, but she didn’t need a quote at this stage. The Plumber used his jetter to hose the waste off her pavers as best he could so Melissa could let the dog out.

    With the site tidy and the blockages cleared, the Plumber tested the toilets to make sure that everything was flowing correctly. He then returned the grate to where it sat and handed Melissa a business card. If they had any questions, or if the pipe began to block up again, all they had to do was call.

    Are your drains running slowly, or is your toilet gurgling? Call your local Chiswick Plumber to investigate on 0402 067 453 !

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