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    A Day in the Life of an Emergency Plumber in Chiswick

    The dishes were stacked neatly in the dishwasher and the leftovers had been wrapped up and put in the fridge. It was time to sit back and relax. Judith picked up her glass of wine and sat back in her chair, the TV switched on. The kids were in the backroom playing computer games and her husband, David, had gone out for his nightly walk with the dog. As she set her glass down on the side table and reached for the remote, Judith noticed a dark patch on the ceiling out the corner of her eye. She turned to look as it properly and saw a stream of water dribble from the centre. Alarmed, Judith jumped up and immediately began looking for a local Chiswick Plumber online.

    The local Plumber arrived that night, and climbed up into the ceiling space to have a look. He found an old gravity fed hot water system installed in the ceiling space. The tank was leaking and the tray it sat in was rusted and worn through, causing the pooling water to flow into the ceiling below. He took a couple of pictures and climbed back down to show Judith. The tank and tray would need to be replaced. They discussed their options. David didn’t feel he wanted another hot water service in the roof, so they opted instead for a new storage tank outside. They agreed on the quote provided by the Plumber.

    The Neighbourhood Plumber returned early the next morning with the new tank on the back of his truck, ready to get to work. He climbed into the ceiling space and began disconnecting the old gravity fed water tank. They had discussed removing it the previous night, but it was more cost efficient to leave the tank in there. The local Plumber then got to work draining the tank. He cut a hole into the top of the tank and siphoned the water out safely, to stop it from leaking into the rusted tray and through the rough. He then climbed out of the roof and began setting up and installing the new storage tank outside the house, running new water connections to the existing systems. The Chiswick Plumber set everything up and, after a few hours of hard work, was finally able to turn the tank on. The new hot water service began to work immediately. Hot water had been restored to the house and the water leak in the ceiling had been fixed.

    For a local Chiswick plumbing service you can trust in an emergency, contact your Neighbourhood Plumber on 0402 067 453 !

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