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  • 3 Easy Tips & Tricks to keep your Plumbing Happy & Healthy


    It’s easy to forget just how much modern plumbing enriches our lives. It’s something we use everyday without a second thought. But let’s stop and think for a moment. Washing our hands has drastically boosted personal hygiene and health. Mechanically cleaning our clothes and dishes saves us a colossal amount of time and effort. And you can thank showers for the reason your office doesn’t stink like a footy locker room.

    So let’s all take some time out of our busy schedules and give a little back to the wonder that gives so much to us. Here are three easy ways you can keep your plumbing happy and healthy.

    1. Use it Regularly:
      Let’s start with a little bit of plumbing info. All of the sinks and toilets in your home utilise something called a trap plumbing trap. As the name implies, this contraption traps water within in at all times, blocking things like cockroaches, flies and – most importantly – sewer gases from making their water back up your pipes and into your home. This is reasonably common knowledge.

      What isn’t quite as well known though, is that if you go an extended period of time without flushing water down that sink or toilet the trap can and will dry out. This means insects can potentially crawl back up your pipes and into house. While this is a disgusting inconvenience, the real danger lies in sewer gases seeping into the home. These can be explosive, so this is definitely a situation you want to avoid.

      Fortunately you have an easy fix available. Just keep those traps from evaporating by ensuring they get flushed every couple of weeks. If you have someone collecting your mail, simply request that they turn on the taps and flush the toilets for a few seconds every week.

    2. Avoid Oils & Fat:

      Mainly a kitchen issue, the incorrect disposal of oils and fats is an extremely common cause of piping problems. Pouring these harmful (and usually hot) substances down the sink will cause a gradual build up further down the line. As they cool they will solidify and cling to the walls of the pipe. This can either clog the pipe outright or provide a point for other debris to gather and create a blockage.

      Try to minimise the amount of fat and oil washed down the drain to keep this build up from occurring. Keep a container by the sink that you can pour them into instead of the drain.

    3. Grate Expectation:

      A clogged shower drain can be incredibly destructive if you don’t act quickly. Better yet, avoid it entirely. The most common culprit behind your shower woes is a build up of hair in your drain – it clings to the walls of the pipe and bonds with soap residue, hardening and forming a clog.

      Covering the drain with a fine grate that will collect excess hair will prevent this problem from occurring.

    Use these easy tips to keep your plumbing happy and healthy!