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    Chatting With a Hot Water Plumber in Chiswick

    Brendon was sitting by the phone, pretending to be busy. They said the Plumber would call. And if the Plumber called it meant the Plumber was close. And if the Plumber was close it meant the Plumber could fix his hot water system. His cold hot water system. His cold hot water system that didn’t work. He continued scrolling through the news report he was ‘reading’, cup of cold tea forgotten by his hand. If they rang, they would be close.

    Brendon had woken up with a fairly stress free day at work planned. He had no meetings, only a pile of paperwork to get through. If he left the paperwork any longer it would undoubtedly become an avalanche and they’d find him days later smothered to death by his desk. He’d had breakfast and then climbed into the shower. The cold shower. The taps were also cold. No matter which tap he turned, the water was cold. He didn’t know the first thing about hot water tanks, how they worked, how he could fix it, what it could be, so he’d done the only thing he could do. He called a local Plumber in Chiswick who promised to get there as soon as possible. They also promised to ring …

    The first peal made him jump out of his skin, but he grasped the landline eagerly and answered. The Plumber was only fifteen minutes away! It was all he could do not to pace eagerly in the front hallway. He went to wash up his breakfast things instead, only to realise he couldn’t.

    The Plumber was both efficient and helpful, he listened to Brendon and checked the hot water system. The pilot light was out, the Plumber explained, which was why there was no hot water. He relit it and tested the tank. He then tested a couple of taps. Warm water began to seep out. Brendon was exceptionally grateful. He’d be able to get to work and get through some of his paper mountain!

    For a reliable and efficient plumbing service, call your local Chiswick Plumber now on 0402 067 453 !

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