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    Plumber Chiswick Pipe Relining

    The age of destructive pipe repair is over with the advent of trenchless technologies. Conventional methods of repairing your damaged sewer pipes can be costly, time-consuming and disruptive to your businesses or households.

    At Plumber (Suburb), we are pioneering a trenchless pipe rehabilitation method called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. Basically, this method creates a new pipe within an existing pipe. It involves inserting a lining material made of polyester felt and polyurethane that is impregnated thoroughly with a liquid resin.

    What are the key benefits of CIPP?

    CIPP is capable of providing a lot of benefits including:

      ✔ Fast installation

      ✔ No need for expensive digging

      ✔ Minimal disruption

      ✔ Leaking or cracked pipes are restored

      ✔ Open joints between pipes are sealed

      ✔ Eliminates tree root intrusion

      ✔ Prevents infiltration and exfiltration

      ✔ Low overall cost

    How to determine if pipe relining is needed?

    Blocked sewer pipes are a common cause of headaches among Australian homeowners. Once we suspect that you are experiencing this problem, a CCTV drain survey will be performed to assess the sewer line within your property. Sewer blockages are primarily caused by tree roots, especially if your sewer line is composed of earthenware pipes. Tree roots have the potential to do significant damage to your sewer system requiring immediate repair.

    What are the early signs of a blocked drain?

    A blocked drain can lead to one of the most horrible plumbing problems – a home sewer backup. Luckily, this can be avoided by identifying the early signs of a blocked sewer line which include:

    • Slow emptying of kitchen or bathroom sinks
    • Foul odours due to stagnant water or decomposing solids
    • Overflowing sewer gully
    • Rising of water level in the toilet bowl
    • Bubbling sounds when flushing the toilet

    6 Stages of CIPP

    CIPP can be done quickly in 5 stages:

      Stage 1 – Clearing

      Sewer pipes must be cleared from any debris before video inspection is performed. This can be done by using a hydro-jetting machine.

      Stage 2 – Inspection

      Once the pipes are clear for inspection, a CCTV drain camera is inserted to assess the pipe. This will enable the plumber as well as property owners to find the problem.

      Stage 3 – Cleaning

      Following inspection, the pipes will be thoroughly cleaned with high pressure water blasting. The pipe must be completely clean to avoid disruptions in the lining.

      Stage 4 – Lining Preparation

      The lining material is prepared by coating the outer layer of a fiberglass cloth tube with polyurethane that is impregnated with a liquid resin.

      Stage 5 – Inversion

      Once the lining material is ready for inversion, this will be loaded into a machine called an inverter. Using air pressure, the lining material is blown inside out on to the damaged pipe forming a new interior. For larger pipes, steam or hot water may be used during the curing process.

      Stage 6 – Re-inspection

      To ensure the quality of the pipe relining job, a CCTV inspection will be conducted again.

    Want to learn more about pipe relining? Call Plumber Chiswick today on 0402 067 453 and our team of pipe relining experts will be happy to assist you.

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